People have vouched for me. (confession: I might have bribed some of them with hugs.)

Pete’s well-thought-out improv curriculum, personable style, and patience allowed me to immediately trust him in helping me move beyond my comfort zone.  Through Pete’s guidance and instruction, I learned a lot about improv comedy, but even more about my own self-confidence and fears.  – Matthew Wexler, Accenture

I signed up for an improv class looking to take on something new and walked away with so much more…the confidence to face my fears, a supportive community of friends, and improved public speaking and presenting skills. – Patty Huber, Groupon

Pete Aiello is one of the most passionate, engaging professionals I have had the privilege to work with.  Pete not only has a deep mechanical understanding of interpersonal communication and improv, but also the empathy to drive the fundamental lessons home to his students. – Matt Hayes, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

I LOVED the [improv] sessions. It was so clear that the more free flowing the ideas are, the better the brainstorming is. That has profound business implications. I also loved the process because it took us from having our work hats on to a gradually letting our guards down so that by the end we were much more comfortable with each other and with taking risks. It was great to hear you apply what we were doing to business concepts. – Heidi Massey, i.c.stars
TeamPete’s improv class was more than just a fun few hours; it was a interactive workshop on how to live with more positivity, joy, teamwork, creativity, and silliness, all things we forget we need in life. TeamPete makes improv applicable to work, relationships and self esteem with his “Yes And” teachings. It is the type of “team building” that doesn’t make you want to jump out of the nearest window or consume a few bottles of wine. 8,000 stars!Niki Fritz, freelance writer