Idea Potluck

a collaboration between Mac & Cheese Productions and TeamPete

Idea Potluck is a potluck of ideas rather than food. It brings together several of Chicago’s best and brightest, funniest and handsomest, wittiest and engaging-est for an evening of rapid fire musings on whatever they choose to muse upon. Each pre-selected Dish does whatever he/she wants, for six-minutes.

You as an audience member sit back and absorb, perhaps laugh and cry, definitely meet other awesome people.

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One of the most refreshing and intelligent evenings in Chicago. It’s unexpected, unvarnished and hilarious.  Lennie Rose, Big Ooga, CEO [audience member]

I had more than a blast. It was honor to meet so many great Chicagoans, it makes me proud to be a part of this city. Thanks for bringing me along for the ride.  Mig Reyes, 37signals [participant]

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A Potluck audience having the time of their lives